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About Tony Barraclough:


Tony's heart is to reach the lost and to be part of the Great Commission. In 2004, he first heard of Gospel for Asia at his home church, Calvary Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, UT. After reading Revolution in World Missions, he began his journey with Gospel for Asia by sponsoring a national missionary. He later became a local volunteer, which turned out to be impactful for Tony, as he had the opportunity to be part of the mission field without ever leaving his home state of Utah.

Being a volunteer grew Tony's passion to reach those who have never heard the Gospel. A trip to the mission field with G.F.A. in 2006 only deepened this passion. It was during this trip that Tony was able to personally meet the brothers and sisters who are so effective in sharing the Gospel with those in their communities. "These amazing men and women are loving, humble and committed. It is a true honor to serve with them," Tony says. "Gospel for Asia has given me a way to impact the world for Christ!". In 2012, Tony and his family left Utah to join staff with Gospel for Asia in Texas.

Missionaries behind the scenes:

Our hearts desire is to reach the lost and be a pat of the Great Commission. After reading "Revolution in World Missions" we couldn't ignore the fact that over a billion people are still waiting to hear the Good News. We had to do something about it. We started sponsoring a national missionary, and then became volunteers...and now, being a part of the Home Team staff. By serving on staff, we feel this is where we are the most effective in being part of what God is doing in world evangelism. It is such a privilege to be called, to be led by God to assist those on the front lines! GFA gave us a way to impact the world for Christ. What an amazing opportunity.!


What we do:

Although we don't live in Asia – our hearts and lives are focus on seeing Asia reached with the Gospel while we reside in the U.S. office. Currently, Tony serves in the Ministry Partnership Department, connecting with donors and sponsors all around the U.S. While Kelly, helps in the Finance department and cares for the family. William Carey, the father of modern missions, was asked to travel out of the country. His response, "I will venture to go down, but remember you must hold the ropes." We hold the ropes for our brothers and sister on the field. And it is individuals like you who hold the ropes for us. Thank You!


We are a vital link to the mission field:

GFA is a nonprofit national missions organization with one burning passion; to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to men, women and children throughout South Asia where the  Gospel has never been proclaimed. GFA supports more than 16,000 national missionaries serving in 10 + south Asian countries. As a home-team missionaries, We represent more than 200 of the missionaries. Our role behind the scenes is absolutely essential in helping win the battle for souls on the field. Think of it this way; The soldier who fight on the front lines of a war has a team of people backing him up, keeping the supply lines open and enabling him to remain focused on the battle. Both the soldier and the team are equally important to the outcome of the war-one cannot survive without the other. By partnership with us, you will be part of the team and help us win the victory!

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