pastoral team

Pastor Terry Long
Senior Pastor


Pastor Terry Long is the senior pastor of Calvary Salt Lake. Pastor Terry has been involved in the ministry since 1984 as a pastor and Bible teacher. The emphasis of his ministry is to teach the Bible verse by verse, helping make practical application of the Word into our daily lives. As a result, his studies are extremely interesting, informative, and spiritually challenging. His influence has experienced a steady and substantial growth over the years with people of all ages.


Pastor Terry is supported in ministry by his wife Alison, and the two were called from Sacramento, California to minister in Salt Lake City in 1991. He married Alison in 1981 and they have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.


jim harris
Executive Pastor // Administration


Pastor Jim was saved in February of 1990 while attending a Monday night service with Greg Laurie at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. Baptized at Corona Del Mar in Southern California, Jim and his wife Judy knew right away that they were called to serve.

Jim served on the Boards of Calvary Chapel of Livermore, CA and Calvary Salt Lake during his 18-year career with the phone company. In 2003, Jim was asked to turn in his "Golden Handcuffs" of corporate America and was called into full-time ministry with Calvary Salt Lake. Jim currently serves as an Associate Pastor and oversees Human Resources and Administration.


Jim and his wife Judy have been married for 28 wonderful years and are blessed with three children and two grandchildren. At 6'7" Jim is the "Gentle Giant" on staff.


andrew sherman
Young Adults Pastor


Pastor Andrew was born into a Christian home and grew up in the church. From a very young age he felt like he was called into the ministry of serving God. When he was a teenager he went through the motions of being a “good Christian”. He went on mission trips and was a core member of the youth group even going to Africa to help build a roof on a church. There was never a real relationship with Christ however and when he was 17 years old he turned from any religion and followed the world instead.


After a year and a half of following his flesh, Andrew started to see that there was no future or hope in what the world has to offer and started to look back to Jesus for guidance.  Immediately he felt Jesus tugging at his heart and realized that Christ wanted him to follow the calling of serving God and decided to leave the university he was attending and go to Bible College at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta California.


Since coming back to the Lord Andrew has served as a Youth Pastor, and a worship pastor in a handful of churches around the country and the world. He loves having the opportunity to serve Christ here at Calvary Salt Lake City and is excited to see God moving in the young adult communities.

emmanuel diaz 
Youth Pastor


Pastor Emmanuel (Manny) was born into a Christian home in Guadalajara, Mexico and was saved during his teenage years, thanks to the grace of the Lord and his loving youth leaders. It was after this that he began to feel the Lord would one day call him to serve the youth and do the same for the next generation.


Manny started serving in youth ministry at the age of 18 as the District Youth President for The Pentecostal Church of God where he supervised multiple church youth groups across the state of Utah. During this time, he met his beautiful wife, Yishay, where they worked together in the Missions Department.  He also served in the Salt Lake County Jail through the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry At the age of 21 the Lord opened the doors for Manny to transfer to the Salt Lake County Juvenile Detention Center where he continues to host bible studies for incarcerated teens.   At the age of 22, Manny and Yishay felt called to take a leap of faith and leave their ministry in the Pentecostal Church of God for what God had in store for them next.


Manny started working with the Calvary Youth Group on September 2016. Today, he is serving as the full-time Youth Pastor of Calvary Salt Lake and holds a volunteer position with the Utah Department of Human Services: Salt Lake Regional Advisory Council System of Care where he advocates for youth in need.


ted morton
Worship Pastor


Pastor Ted has been saved since he was a youth. Marrying his “high school sweetheart", he and Cossette have raised 3 children (all married) and have been blessed with 7 grandchildren (all princesses). Ted served as Worship Leader at Calvary Chapel Eastside in Bellevue, Washington before relocating to S.L.C. where he served as Pastor Terry’s first Worship Leader at Calvary Salt Lake.


After serving at another Calvary as Administrative and Worship Pastor for a time, Ted rejoined Calvary Salt Lake as the Worship Pastor. Ted serves as a lay pastor here at Calvary Salt Lake, while working as CEO of Sizzling Platter LLC. In the late night hours, you may find Ted getting in some personal worship time at his home recording studio.


roger smith
Children's Worship Pastor


Pastor Roger has been saved since he was 19 years old. He Married his “high school sweetheart", Barbara when he was 20 years old. They have raised 2 children - a son and daughter.

Roger and Barbara have been attending Calvary Chapel churches for nearly 22 years. Roger served nearly 12 years as a Children’s Worship Leader and Elder at Calvary Chapel Corvallis Oregon where he attended School of Ministry. Moving to S.L.C. in 2008, he led the Men's Ministry and then became the Children's Worship Pastor at another Calvary Chapel before becoming the Children's Worship Pastor at Calvary Salt Lake in 2017.


Roger's passion is to write children’s worship songs that are scripture based. His vision is, “To work with God to change kids from the inside out through worship, and encouraging participation in worship to raise up the next generation of worship leaders.” In 2015 he had a children’s worship CD produced, "Shine Salt and Sow". Roger works for a local high tech company as an engineer/technician. In his free time, you will find him writing and recording worship songs, building stuff, and spending quality time with his family.


gregory lae (Htoo Lae)
Karen Church Pastor


Gregory is the Pastor of the Karen Baptist Church in Salt Lake. The church is hosted by Calvary Chapel Salt Lake. He is a member of the Karen People, who came from Refugee Camps near the Thailand-Burma border.


In 2012, he came to the U.S. and in March of 2013, God called him to pastor the Karen people in Salt Lake. While at the Refugee Camp, he attended the Refugee Camp Bible School for 3 years.


He has been married to his lovely wife Paw Ner Moo for 6 years. They have 3 children. He works for Calvary Chapel of Salt Lake on the maintenance team.


“ I want to say thank you so much to Calvary Chapel for giving me an opportunity to work at church. And especially I want to give a word of thanks to Senior Pastor Terry, Pastor John, and all the leaders who are supporting our ministry and have given the great opportunity to my church to come and worship God at Calvary chapel every week and at special times without charging. We thank the Lord for giving us godly people who are doing everything awesome for my church and for all my people.”