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Dear Operation Christmas Child Prayer Partners: In lieu of Operation Christmas Child's regular monthly Prayer Network Update, we ask that you spend time in prayer for the COVID-19 pandemic, Samaritan's Purse response, and our Operation Christmas Child staff, volunteers, and Ministry Partners. We encourage you to visit our website, by clicking here; to find the most up-to date videos and articles.


  •   For God’s provision and help for our Operation Christmas Child volunteers and ministry partners

  •   For the global church to shine bright in the darkness serving God and bringing the good news of the gospel

  •   For God to bring peace and salvation to those suffering with COVID-19 in isolation

  •   That God would grow our faith as we trust HIM over our circumstances

This is the time for the church to be in prayer.  Please let us know if you have prayer requests that our team can  lift to Jesus.

Este mes, en lugar de recibir las Noticias de la Red de Oración, te pedimos que ores por el trabajo de Samaritan's Purse durante la pandemia de COVID-19, por el staff, voluntarios y compañeros de ministerio de Operation Christmas Child. Te animamos a visitar nuestro sitio web, para encontrar los videos y la información más actualizada.


  • Por la provisión y ayuda de parte de Dios para nuestros voluntarios y compañeros de ministerio de Operation Christmas Child.
  •  Para que la iglesia global brille en la oscuridad sirviendo a Dios y llevando las buenas nuevas del evangelio
  •  Que Dios traiga paz y salvación a aquellos que sufren con COVID-19 de manera aislada.
  •  Que Dios haga crecer nuestra fe mientras confiamos en ÉL por encima de nuestras circunstancias.

This is a FREE event open to everyone! We invite you to join us on Friday Evening, July 31st at 6:30pm to hear Alex Nsengimana speak about his experiences in Rwanda during the genocide. Listen to Alex as he tells how God used the gift of a smiple shoebox to bring hope through the Gospel message. The evening will also be live streamed on:

facebook.com/CalvaraySLC  AND  youtube.com/calvaryslc


You can hear a sample of his story by CLICKING HERE.




What is Operation Christmas Child?


The Mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God's love in a tangible way to needy children around the world and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

How is Calvary Salt Lake Involved? 


Calvary Salt Lake hosts the Greater Salt Lake Area Team, supporting the multi-church volunteer based team in hosting events and financially supporting the ministry of Samaritan's Purse.  Calvary Salt Lake has been the Greater Salt Lake Area Central Drop Off Site since 1994.  Calvary Salt Lake recognizes Operation Christmas Child and Samaritan's Purse as their International Missions outreach and is blessed to be a part of this amazing project that reaches millions of children each year with the love of Christ and the Gospel.


How Can I Get Involved? (click on an option)


You can get involved by packing a shoebox gift

You can also pack a box online

You can make a financial donation

You can financially support the Great Journey Discipleship Program

You can volunteer on the Area Team, at local drop off sites, and year-round

You can volunteer at the Processing Center

+ You can volunteer as a Prayer Network Partner!

+ You can pray through the 2019 31-Days of Prayer for Operation Christmas Child - CLICK HERE!


Stay connected locally by joining the OCC Greater Salt Lake Facebook Group

For more information contact: 

Alison Long: along@samaritan.org

Regional Area Coordinator

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